Explore the stunning beauty of Saturn through raw images from Cassini. Cassini: RAW was created using approximately 2,400 raw images of Saturn, its moons, and rings.

The Cassini spacecraft began orbiting Saturn since 2004. It’s journey of discovery to explore the planet and its moons, rings, and magnetosphere ended on September 15, 2017.

The Gemini 4 (IV) mission reached new heights in human space exploration with the first American spacewalk by NASA astronaut Edward White on June 3, 1965. Along with NASA astronaut James McDivitt, they completed the second crewed Gemini mission with a 4-day, 62-orbit, 98-hr flight from June 3 to June 7, 1965.

Apollo 11 – Launch of Dreams

This video is a tribute to the Apollo 11 astronauts and their awe-inspiring journey to the moon.

Humanity changed in 1969 when the words “The Eagle has landed” were transmitted to Earth. On July 20, 1969, at 20:18 UTC American NASA astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin successfully landed on the moon, as the world watched through their television screens. Neil Armstrong’s words, “One small step for (a) man; one giant leap for mankind” followed the first human steps on the lunar surface on July 21 at 02:56 UTC. Buzz Aldrin followed while astronaut Michael Collins orbited the moon alone, piloting the command spacecraft. The three legendary space pioneers safely returned to Earth on July 24, 1969, forever changing the world, our view of our place in the universe, and the limits beyond which we can dream. Keep looking up!


Earth, our one and only fragile and beautiful planet, as seen from the International Space Station (ISS). Home to all of humanity. Keep looking up.

Dark Observations

Each song on Oh the Silence’s “Dark Observations” album has an accompanying music video based on a different space theme. The videos are composed entirely of publicly-available and royalty-free videos and images (see video descriptions for full credits) and are set to Oh the Silence’s soundtrack.

The themes in the videos include: Mars; Saturn; Jupiter; Earth’s Moon; the Sun; views from the International Space Station (ISS); the Voyager mission; and stunning visualizations of nebulae and galaxies. The videos have all been adapted to be viewed in high definition, as well as a multitude of 3D configurations.

Explore all ten videos (individually or as a full visual album) through the links on this site or on Oh the Silence’s YouTube channel.

Dark Observations (full visual album)
Stand (starring the Voyager mission)
Distance (starring Nebulae)
Night (starring the Earth’s Moon)
Absent (starring the ISS)
Sirens (starring Saturn)
Flow (starring the ISS)
Hope (starring Jupiter)
Light (starring the Sun)
Ready (starring Mars)
Look Up (starring the ISS)

The album Dark Observations is available on iTunes and CD Baby.


Experience an interstellar journey through the solar system as the VOYAGER mission guides you through the planets, and beyond!


Soar to the far reaches and into the beautiful hearts of stunning nebulae – beautiful, cosmic dust and gas cloud star remnants – the birthplaces of new stars and solar systems!


Explore the shadows and craters of the lunar surface in this exhilarating orbital tour of the Earth’s MOON!

The MOON is our light in the dark night, our constant companion, and the farthest that the human foot has stepped. So far…


Stunning time-lapse views from above the Earth through the eyes of the International Space Station (ISS).


Sweep through the rings of SATURN! Marvel and gaze in awe at the synchronicity of this spectacular planet, mesmerizing rings, and dancing moons.


Brilliant colours and beautiful views of the Earth’s auroral glow from the International Space Station (ISS).


Galactic views of giant JUPITER, its moons, and the stormy Great Red Spot. The largest planet in our solar system, Jupiter is a sight to behold. This beautiful, fast-spinning, climatic giant hypnotizes with its swirling bands, fascinating moons, and distinctive features.

The spotlight is on the SUN! Our star shines bright in this illuminating look at the energetic centre of our dynamic solar system.


The planet MARS offers hope and curiosity for future human planetary exploration. For now, we marvel at the discoveries of the robotic rovers which act as examples of the tremendous human accomplishments and visions that have allowed us to roam and discover the red planet like never before. The rovers have paved the way. Are we ready to take the next big step?

Look Up

The International Space Station (ISS) is an inspirational, international project which brings together technology, science, experimentation, extreme engineering, education, human collaboration and achievement – in space!