Dark Observations” is an experimental album of astrock (astronomy-inspired music) by Oh the Silence.

Dark Observations (full visual album)
Stand (starring the Voyager mission)
Distance (starring Nebulae)
Night (starring the Earth’s Moon)
Absent (starring the ISS)
Sirens (starring Saturn)
Flow (starring the ISS)
Hope (starring Jupiter)
Light (starring the Sun)
Ready (starring Mars)
Look Up (starring the ISS) 


Art, technology and science intersect with vision, inspiration and passion in a collection of music and moving images. The individual videos illustrate each astro theme through an artistic lens, while the visual album “Dark Observations” explores an overall concept.


The album and videos were all created by Oh the Silence with a completely DIY approach, attitude, and process. The music was composed, performed, recorded and mixed in an apartment studio.
The album Dark Observations is available on iTunes and CD Baby.